It all started in September 2000. Seven musical hopefuls got together in someone's kitchen - and didn't sound bad at their first attempt! Since then, we've delighted sun scorched festival revellers and warmed the hearts of frozen Christmas shoppers, lifted the feet of dancers by moonlight and charmed the ears off old folk's clubs - then there's the theatre variety shows, ceilidhs, parties...the list is in crescendo...and so are our numbers! We like to keep it sociable too. We've had our own parties, canoe trips, walks and barbecues, and there's plenty more to come.

Ffonic's founding leader, Kitty Greenwood led the band for over 12 years, selecting our repertoire, writing our brilliant arrangements and giving our musical efforts help, enthusiasm and encouragement. She has left us with a fantastic foundation from which we are developing and building our own exciting ffonic future.

Whether you bang together two sticks or personally taught Vanessa Mae, you are welcome to join us. Phone Geoff on 01686 626082.

You're welcome to watch us practice. Come along to the Monty Club, Broad Street, Newtown, Powys. Wales - every Monday evening 7:30 - 9:30.

We're here for the beer, not for the money and that's good news for you, because we're more reasonably priced than commercial bands. BUT! We're just as good and have a selection of dance callers to choose from. We'd love to add a bit of magic to your wedding, charity event, garden party, or ceilidh dance. You can book us using our enquiry form


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